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To my great sorrow (because I will be leaving a job I like and friends whom I will deeply miss but not because of the location because let’s face it, this place could be a lot better), as of July we will be living elsewhere. We sincerely hope that we will NOT be living in mr webbis’ current location, but I have been forced to accept that there IS a possibility that come August, I will be suffering the heat in a state that begins with L and ends in A and is filled with sadness and lethargy and Swamp People.

If that is indeed so, then this will become “A Bad, Bad Webbis: Life in Hell’s Waiting Room.” And no, I do not exaggerate. I do realize that New Orleans, for example, is a lovely, lively, and culturally rich environment.

That is NOT where we will be living. Not even close in any way.

Much of the state (that has been seen by my very own eyes) is a scary morass of yard trash and dilapidated roadways, crumbling curbs and rapidly-multiplying Wal-Marts (and their accompanying People). It is so culturally confusing to me, and I’m afraid that you have to be born into this mentality in order to flourish here. And by ‘here’ I specifically refer to the unnamed location to which we might be moving.

Please direct all thoughts, spiritual or otherwise, towards a brighter immediate future for us that does not include living in the Deep South.


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