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I am still grading — part of the problem here is that I got caught by AMC’s showing of the awesomely-80s “Christine.” My justification for watching it is that I am also Doing Work. So sad.

Anyway, I have discovered why the Dallas ISD decided to take only the 5th-grade boys to see “Red Tails”. The movie is about pilots and flying planes, correct? Well, despite the fact that a living Tuskegee Airman was horrified by the decision (and said that his wife would be MORE horrified), there is an excellent explanation for why such a seemingly sexist choice was made.

According to Jennifer Rubin’s interview with Rick Santorum, women are problematic in combat situations because they pose an emotional danger for the male soldiers who will feel compelled to protect the female soldiers from harm. Santorum acknowledges that there are women who fly for the Navy and the Air Force, and he generously admits, too that “women are fully capable of ‘flying small planes.’”

Well! thefrogman’s Tumblr page has a pictorial rendering of that statement…that, plus Santorum’s (delightfully ludicrous)  comment, are clearly guiding the DISD’s decision regarding “Red Tails.” Obviously, those planes in the film are not small enough for The Ladies to be able to fly, so the 5th-grade girls have absolutely no need to see the movie and its Big Manly Planes. You see:

Lady Planes!

So there you go. Silly me…here I was thinking planes were ungendered. Guess Rick Santorum cleared that up. But his view of the world truly worries me.


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